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Decenal insurance /// Your financial guarantee

Here in Spain, a building constructor is obligated to have a Decenal insurance when he is building for a 3rd person. In other words, it is a compulsory insurance, which guarantees the buyer that the building adheres to the normal demands.


This insurance is done for blocks of flats as well as for private buildings (villas).


The insurance company demands access to all drawings, plans, etc. Hence it is much easier to be in at the start, so that the technicians from the insurance company can work in conjunction with the architect / engineer. The insurance is done for a period of 10 years, the guarantee period.


As an example, the insurance company acquires the geotechnical report to ensure that the foundation has got the correct depth, so that potential earthquakes in the future do not damage your property.


The insurance company is controlling everything regarding material on a regular basis; right from mixing the concrete to the strength of all bearing parts, etc.


We, from AG-Gruppen, have been fortunate enough to acquire some experience regarding these quite complicated insurances. And we also have a good back-up from the very experienced insurance technicians who work with these projects on a daily basis.

So make use of the professional knowledge, ask us for advice.


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