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Health insurance:

In cooperation with ALC International Healt Insurance, AG-Gruppen is proud to offer a Health insurance made to your needs...


International Healthplan

Area Territory Maximum Sum Insured
Area 1 Europe €1,500,000
Area 2 Worldwide excluding USA
Area 3 Worldwide

In-patient & day-patient treatment

(treatment received by an insured person when admitted to a hospital bed for an overnight stay of one or more nights´ duration or as a day-patient)

Professional Fees

Specialist and physician fees (including surgeons´ and anaesthetists´ fees) associated with providing consultations or administering treatment.

Full Refund


Hospital accommodation in a ward, semi-private or private room.

Full Refund


Diagnostic procedures, including x-rays, pathology, computerised tomography and magnetic resonance imaging (brain and body scans).

Full Refund

Theatre Fees

Operating theatre fees

Full Refund

Home Nursing

Home nursing, when medically necessary and recommended by a specialist immediately following release from a hospital bed

Limited to 8 weeks for each condition and a maximum 26 weeks each year


Drugs, medicines, supports and appliances when prescribed by a specialist or medical practitioner.

Full Refund

Chronic Conditions

Acute episodes of a chronic condition.

Routine management, maintenance and palliative treatment of a chronic condition.

Full Refund

Limited to €15,000 each year


Oncologist fees, radiotherapy and chemotherapy

Full Refund

Organ Transplants

Transplant of any human organ.

€150,000 Lifetime limit


Physiotherapy when such treatment is recommended by a specialist and is administered during the period of stay in hospital.

Full Refund


Ambulance charges for transportation to the hospital, or fees associated with another form of transport if an ambulance is inappropriate.

Full Refund

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery required following an accident or following surgery for an eligible medical condition which occurred after your date of entry and which is performed within 12 months of the accident or surgery.

Full Refund


Rehabilitation when it is considered an integral part of treatment and is spervised by a specialist and is undertaken in a recognised rehabilitation unit.

Full Refund

Psychiatric Illness

Treatment given in a recognised psychiatric unit of a hospital. All treatment under this benefit is subject to pre-authorisation by us.

Limited to 30 days each year

Post Operative

Follow-up out-patient treatment or consultations received within 6 months of hospital disharge for an eligible medical condition ehich required hospital admission.

Limited to €2,250 each year

Newborn Cover - Premature Births

Cover in respect of a premature baby (i.e. where birth is prior to 37 weeks gestation) in respect of an acute or chronic medical condition requiring in-patient treatment.

The mother of the baby must have been insured with us for at least 11 months prior to the birth date. All cover is subject to the newborn being added to the policy within 30 days of birth and the relevant premium paid.

Cover for the first 30 days of life is limited to a maximum sum insured of €15,000 each baby. Thereafter, cover will exclude any medical condition which exists at the end of the first 30 days period.

Parent Accommodation

Room and bed charges for one parent or legal guardian to stay with an insured person who is under 18 years of age, whilst admitted to a hospital bed.

Full Refund

Cash Benefit

Where hospital accommodation and all treatment costs are provided in a State or Charitable Hospital and no claim is submitted under this policy for reimbursement of any costs, and providing that the medical condition suffered would be eligible for benefit.

€150 each night up to a maximum of 30 nights.

Emergency Treatment outside area of cover

Treatment (through a physician, general practitioner or specialist, commencing within 24 hours of the emergency event) required as result of an accident or the sudden beginning or worsening of a severe illness resulting in a medical condition that presents an immediate threat to the insured person´s health.

For trips up to a maximum of 6 weeks. Maximum 42 nights each year.

Maximum sum insured of €45,000


Dental Treatment (OPTIONAL BENEFIT)

(excluding costs incurred within the first 6 months of purchase date of this benefit or your date of entry, whichever is the latter other than Accidental Damage caused to sound natural teeth, which is covered immediately).

Routine examination, including check-up and x-rays

€90 each visit, maximum 2 visits each year.

Cleaning and polishing (whether performed by a dentist or hygienist)

€90 each visit, maximum 2 visits each year

Fillings (amalgam or composite material)

€90 each tooth


€90 each tooth

Wisdom tooth extraction when performed in a dental surgery

€150 each tooth

New porcelain crown

€300 each tooth

Repair of crown

€150 each tooth

Root canal treatment

€300 each tooth

New bridge

€375 each bridge

Repair of bridge

€225 each bridge

New dentures

€150 each set

Emergency dental treatment for the relief of plain, being treatment of an abscess, cracked or broken tooth rebuild or temporary filling.

€750 each year

The above procedures are limited up to the amounts shown and are subject to an overall maximum limit of €1,500 each year.

Accidental Damage caused to sound, natural teeth lost or damaged in an accident. Treatment must be received within 5 days from the date of the accident occurring.

Full Refund

Dental Surgery undertaken in a hospital by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon or surgical dentist:


Surgical removal of impacted or buried wisdom teeth and extractions of complicated buried roots.


Full Refund

Full Refund


Premium Rates

If you wish to calculate your premium, please use the following formula:

  • choose your required area of cover: europe - are 1, worldwide excluding USA - area 2 or worldwide - area 3

  • dental benefit if you wish to select this additional benefit add the appropriate premium below according to the payment frequency you have chosen.

  • choose the frequency with which you wish to pay your premiums: annual, half yearly or quarterly. Please note that an instalment surcharge of 8% is included within half yearly and quarterly premiums.

  • evacuation & repatriation if you wish to select this additional benefit add the appropriate premium below according to the payment frequency you have chosen.

  • calculate the age of one person at the proposed inception date and select the premium from the premium table overleaf.

  • If you wish to cover dependants under the same policy please calculate the premiums for them as above: adding the premiums together will provide the total cost of your policy.

  • policy excess the standard excess is €150 per person per policy year for In, Day and Out-patient treatment. If you wish to change the excess levels, please apply the percentages below to the In-patient and Out-patent premium selected.

  • please note that where more than one person is to be covered under a policy they must all have the same benefits, area of cover, policy excess level and payment frequency.

  • pregnancy & childbirth benefit if you wish to select this additional benefit add the appropriate premium below according to the payment frequency you have chosen (the premium is charged once per policy at the premium applicable to the age of the eldest female between the ages of 19 and 54 years)

  • please note that Insurance Premium Tax and other Government Levies are not included within these premiums as there are variations for different countries; therefore where these apply, they must be added to the premium calculation. Please refer to your broker or ¡a la carte healthcare for details of taxes that may be applicable.

  • credit card charge if you have chosen to pay annually by credit card then add 4% to your total premium.

Policy excess options

Amount of excess



€150 (standard






Change in premium









Pregnancy & childbirth benefit


19 - 34

Quarterly €194,40


Half yearly €388,80


Annual €720,00


35 - 54

Quarterly €222,75


Half yearly €445,50


Annual €825,00

Dental benefit


0 - 18

Quarterly €58,73


Half yearly €117,45


Annual €217,50

Age 19+

Quarterly €95,18


Half yearly €190,35


Annual €352,50

Evacuation & repatriation cover


Quarterly €43,74


Half yearly €87,48


Annual €162,00

Are 1 Europe



Quarterly € Half yearly € Annual €


104,09 208,17 385,50


162,41 324,81 601,50


183,06 366,12 678,00


198,45 396,90 735,00


211,41 422,82 783,00


242,19 484,38 897,00


310,23 620,46 1,149,00


409,46 818,91 1,516,50


521,64 1,043,28 1,932,00


663,80 1,327,59 2,458,50


925,43 1,850,85 3,427,50


1,272,11 2,544,21 4,711,50

Are 2 Worldwide (excluding USA)



Quarterly €

Half yearly €

Annual €


119,48 238,95 442,50


195,62 391.23 724,50


217,08 434,16 804,00


228,83 457,65 847,50


249,08 498,15 922,50


278,24 556,47 1,030,50


364,10 728,19 1,348,50


440,64 881,28 1,632,00


551,61 1,103,22 2,043,00


693,77 1,387,53 2, 569,50


1,059,08 2,118,15 3,922,50


1,280,21 2,560,41 4,741,50

Are 3 Worldwide



Quarterly €

Half yearly €

Annual €


230,85 461,70 855,00


354,38 798,75 1,312,50


419,99 839,75 1,555,50


445,10 890,19 1,648,50


509,49 1,018,98 1,887,00


606,69 1,213,38 2,247,00


748,85 1,497,69 2,773,50


963,09 1,926,18 3,567,00


1,248,62 2,497,23 4,624,50


1,647,95 3,295,89 6,103,50


2,231,15 4,462,29 8,263,50


2,709,86 5,419,71 10,036,50

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