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Car insurance:

3rd party insurance for the vehicle :

According to the Spanish Road Traffic Act, the person responsible for the vehicle, which means driver as well as owner, must compensate for damages incurred by the vehicle in road accidents, and by explosions and fire. In short : Should the vehicle not be insured, the driver and the owner must pay. If the vehicle has got a 3rd party insurance, claims for compensation will be covered by this compulsory insurance.


Have you sold your car:

- you should make sure that change of ownership is done properly, otherwise you might end up with a claim for compensation at a later stage.


The 3rd party insurance:

3rd party insurance for a vehicle is compulsory and covers the liability to pay compensation, which normally belongs to the owner or user.

The 3rd party insurance covers injuries on people as well as damages on things (damages on the counterpart’s vehicle).

The 3rd party insurance also covers passengers in your own vehicle, but not injuries on the driver of the vehicle. Further it does not cover the driver’s or the owner’s belongings.


Road assistance:

This insurance is voluntary, but it should be included, as it is illegal to tow another vehicle – so should you have a bit of bad luck, the engine has stalled or you simply run out of petrol on a deserted road, this road assistance is a very good and cheap solution.


Glass insurance:

This is still an additional coverage, which covers the windows of the vehicle in case of stone impacts or actual window breaking.



Should you not wish a full comprehensive insurance, you can choose to include an additional cover in case of theft of the vehicle.

Full comprehensive insurance:

This insurance covers any damage on the insured vehicle, including theft. However there are certain limitations.

The full comprehensive insurance does not cover:

  1. Damages arising in mechanical parts, unless the damages are caused by fire, explosion, short circuit, lightning, robbery, theft, vandalism or under transportation by means of other transport, “GRUA”.

  2. Damages happened during treatment and repair (damages in workshop), unless the damage is caused during a test drive or fire.

  3. Damages caused by rust, wear and tear, stone impacts in the lacquer, scratches or similar.

  4. Damages done on purpose or by gross negligence.

  5. Damages caused, while the vehicle was driven by a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs, unless it can be proven that the driver was without any guilt in the accident.

  6. Damages occurred, while the vehicle was driven by a person without a driving license, unless it can be proven that the damage is not due to lack of driving abilities.

When you sign up for vehicle insurance, a lot of companies will give you a “solicitud” (temporary paper) with a very limited period of validity. Try to avoid this, get the policy straight away.


Also when you sign up, your no claims bonus is transferred from previous company.

This is also applicable from other countries, so if you have a no claims bonus from another country, it will benefit you here in Spain.


Remember that it is mandatory to keep the vehicle papers – including your insurance policy and the last paid receipt - in the vehicle. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, you can get the local town hall to stamp a photocopy. That is also valid.


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