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Boat insurance….

The insurance covers whilst sailing.

However it is important to specify which area you are sailing in. Is the insurance supposed to cover only National (Spanish waters incl. Gibraltar), or is there more.

The insurance also covers if the boat is taken on land, but there are no demands that the boat has to stay on land during a certain period.

3rd party insurance as a boat owner:


The insurance covers, should you sail into others and hereby cause damage on persons and things. The insurance also covers if you, as a boat owner, are liable to pay compensation for a damage. You are not liable to pay compensation, if you cannot help the damage happening.                                                                          

When it has to be evaluated, it is compared with how other boat owners would have acted in a similar situation.

The 3rd party insurance does not cover, if we are talking about injuries on yourself or damages on your own things, neither does it cover other things on board the boat.

Further, it doesn’t cover, if you were under the influence of alcohol.


Full comprehensive insurance as a boat owner:


The full comprehensive insurance covers most types of damages on the boat caused by capsizing, running aground, collision, fire and theft. The damages         be on the hull, the engine, the dinghy, the life raft or the rubber dinghy, as long as it belongs to the boat.


The full comprehensive insurance also covers the inventory of the boat and normal equipment such as masts, bars, rigging, sails, hoods, cordage, anchors and cables, navigation instruments and other static equipment and items

equivalent to this.

It is important that the value of the boat is determined correctly, so that it isn’t underinsured. If this is the case, full compensation in case of damage cannot be awarded.


Personal effects:

If you want cover for personal effects belonging to yourself or other people on board, you need a separate addition to the normal full comprehensive insurance.


Legal expenses insurance:

Cover of legal expenses as a boat owner offers you financial assistance in connection with questions regarding compensation according to the Law at sea.


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