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Community insurance…

Seguros de edificios y comunidades



If you live in a block of flats, a larger property complex or your villa is in an urbanization, you have heard about community insurance. This is simply the insurance covering what is owned in community.

In a block of flats: Community areas, joint paths, elevator, community pool.

In an urbanization: Joint roads, cables, lights, relay stations, watertank.


The insurance typically consists of 3 modules; however it can be expanded with more concrete elements – depending on your needs and wishes.


3rd party insurance:


Covering the joint responsibility which the community might have towards a 3rd party according to the Spanish Law.


2.                      Property insurance:

Covering the joint valuables in case of fire, etc. – exactly the same way as you have insured your villa or apartment.

3.                      Contents coverage:

All jointly owned contents to run the property; office, joint installations.


We have, through our contact with one of Spain’s biggest construction companies, achieved a lot of experience in putting this kind of community insurance together.

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AG - AssurandorGruppen takes care of the community...


Seguros de edificios y comunidades



In the property or  the urbanization…


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