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3rd party insurance:

The 3rd party insurance covers, when the company can be made legally responsible for injuries on other people or their belongings.                                                                      

The employer or the self employed can safe guard him- or herself financially in case of liability to pay compensation by taking a 3rd party insurance.


Be aware of Law / Decreto 109/2005 - 26th April 

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The premium is according to the actual risk. In other words, it depends on which occupation needs to be covered : Ie. painter & decorator, plumber, brick layer, etc. Please be aware that it does not cover what you are working on or with, it covers damages as a result of what has been done.


A plumber changes a radiator and in connection with this, he damages the floor.


Example :

Some shelves fall down on a customer, who is shopping in a supermarket.



Additional cover.


Lift responsibility:

This cover concerns responsibility for damages occurred by use of cranes mounted on trucks and static cranes.

An example:

A haulage contractor is lifting rafters into position on a new house by using the crane mounted on the truck. A chain breaks, a rafter falls down and is destroyed, and on the way down, it hits a person. The injury on the person is covered by the lift responsibility, while the destroyed rafter is covered by the responsibility of the haulage contractor.


Service responsibility:

This cover concerns responsibility for injuries on people and/or damages on things as a result of services, after they have been rendered.

An example:

A truck load of flour is polluted with gravel due to lack of cleaning of the truck.

Due to the presence of gravel in the flour, some machinery in a bakery is destroyed.

The damage on this machinery is covered by the service responsibility.


Haul up & container responsibility:

This cover concerns the responsibility you might incur, when placing containers on areas belonging to the Road Traffic Act.


An example:

A container has been placed in front of the customers house, the warning lights don’t work, and during the night a car driver is injured due to the unlit container. This risk is covered by container responsibility.

When you sign up for this type of insurance, it is very important that you give a thorough job description, so that the insurance is tailor made to your job.


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