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Family insurance:

This sort of insurance is called various names…

Family insurance, as we know it from England, is also called Private insurance, Home insurance, Household insurance or the Family’s Basic insurance.

Here in Spain it is called Hogar, Hogar Total or Contenido. This insurance is a package containing :



Contents insurance


3rd Party insurance


Legal Expenses insurance

Who is covered by this insurance ?

The family insurance covers all family members living in the property (apartment or house).

The insurance also covers live-in partner and children living at home.


What is covered ?

The insurance covers all belongings which naturally belongs in a home. In Spain there are limits to the value of individual items, ie. jewellery can be limited to 1.500,oo euros and individual objects, ie. a painting, 2.400,oo euros.

It is therefore wise to demand that certain valuables are mentioned in the policy, also the value should be mentioned. A record of the contents, by means of photos, is a very wise decision. We foreigners have a different way of living than the Spanish, therefore you should let the insurance agent visit you at home, and let him make the record of contents. Ask him to give you a copy of the photos on a CD. Making this record of contents will not cost you anything, it is a service that we provide for our customers.


Deciding on the insurance amount ?

The insurance amount, which is stated in the policy, must at least match the actual value of the contents. Should you have item that you do not want to replace in case of damage (ie. a fur coat), you need to indicate in the policy that it is exempt. It is just as important to omit coverage of an item as it is to cover it. This way you avoid “under coverage”, which means that in case of damage, you would be paid less than it costs to replace the damaged goods.


The Family insurance consists of:


Fire insurance :

Fire insurance compensates for damage of contents after a fire; also for damages which can arise in connection with a fire.

Further the expense of putting out the fire (fire department) is covered.

The demand that there must have been fire – in other words blazing fire, flames – means that the so called singe damages are not covered.

Crucial for the interpretation whether the damage is covered or not is the following formula : “.. unrestrained blazing fire (flames) which can spread by itself.” Damages caused by explosion, lightning, short circuit etc, come under this part.

Damages caused by electrical induction, which we know so well in Spain, are also treated under the fire insurance. In this case the insurance company will solve it in co-operation with the electrical company, mostly Sevillana.


Insurance against theft:

In this case insurance covers differently, depending on which kind of theft it is. We normally distinguish between the 4 types :


Burglary. This is when the theft has been done from a properly locked property with closed and locked doors. The insurance companies make it a condition that the thief must have gained access by force. Breaking in a door or a window, use of violence or picklock.


Robbery. It is robbery if you have valuables or cash stolen from you by means of violence or threats of violence.


Open theft – is as it says, open theft. No threats of violence. It can be bag-snatching or the wallet being stolen. If it is done in public, make sure that you get witnesses.

The insurance companies mostly make it a condition that there has been cry of terror “stop the thief”.


Simple theft. This is when the thief has entered you property without you noticing it, ie. through an open window. Under simple theft comes also theft from car.


Always report theft:  

To receive compensation it is a condition that you report the theft to the police.

You will be given a receipt, which must be sent to the insurance company.


Insurance of damage by water:

Should you have damage by water on your contents, the insurance will cover provided the damage is caused by breakage of the installations in the house or apartment.

Damages by water as a result of storm damage on the roof is included, while water slowly seeping out from pipe installations is exempt.


Damage of refrigerated and frozen foods :

Should you have food in the refrigerator or freezer destroyed, due to electrical power failure, it is normally included in the policy.


Legal Expenses insurance:

In Spain we have 2 types of legal aid. The first is simply called legal aid. However you can also include legal expenses insurance in the policy This is a cover, where you choose your solicitor, and in many cases it covers the expenses of civil court cases.


3rd Party insurance:

The contents insurance normally covers the 3rd party responsibility for you and your family. Here we distinguish between 4 types of responsibility :


  • Accidental bad luck, where there is no liability to pay compensation.

  • Simple negligence, where there is liability to pay compensation, and insurance responsibility.

  • Gross negligence, where there is liability to pay compensation, and insurance responsibility.

  • Intentional, where there is liability to pay compensation, but not insurance responsibility as intentional damages are performed on purpose.


We hope that this information has given you a picture of what is covered by a Family insurance.


We also hope that you understand why we would like to visit you, partly to make a record of contents, but also to be able to describe the physical security / risk of the property (alarm / bars / lattices / security doors etc.) to the insurance company.


- this way you are dealt “the best hand” in case of damage !!!

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