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Life insurance:

In general there are 3 purposes with a life insurance or a pension plan. It is important to have a look at your situation and clearly determine what financial security you need.

Life insurance : (Discontinuing life insurance)

A predetermined insurance amount is paid to your surviving relatives should you die before the expiry date which is stated in the policy. This form of insurance can be combined with an accident cover. This is a cheap form of insurance, and very directly put : “100% satisfaction or the money is wasted”.


Cross life insurance:

This is mostly done by couples who live together without being married.

They take out a policy on each others life. Inheritance tax is avoided, and there is a cover in the policy that pays off the joint financial obligations, ie. joint mortgage.

Capital insurance:

A capital insurance is a pension plan that pays out the predetermined insurance amount on a predetermined date or in case of death before this date. This payout can be a once-and-for-all amount, or it can be paid out in rates.


- is a pension plan that can be combined with an insurance cover by death and/or invalidity. An annuity is paid out monthly as long as you live. You can also choose an annuity with a guarantee period.



There are different possibilities of tax deduction for the different insurances.

This we will also explain to you, when we help you tailor-make your cover.


Health information:

You have to provide information about your health when you take out this type of insurance, you might even have to see a doctor. If this is the case, the cost will be paid by the insurance company.


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