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Accident insurance:

Traditional cover in case of an accident.

What we, in the insurance business, understand by an accident is a sudden, coincidental event from the outside, causing violence / damage on your body.



You are covered, if you are hit by a falling roof tile.

You are covered, if you are hit by a car – road accidents…

You are not covered, if the cause of the accident is sickness, or if you have used euphoriants.

Further, dangerous sports such as boxing, mountain climbing and parachuting are not covered.


If you drive a motor bike or a scooter, this must be written in the policy.

Sum insured:

The sum insured is your choice, and you can state amounts in case of death as well as invalidity.


The insurance can be made as an accident insurance in your spare time as well as full time cover. According to your wishes, you can have a continuously compensation or just a one-time amount. Further, damage to your teeth can be covered.

Simply put, this insurance can be tailor made, so that it fits to you and your family.

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