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Most property owners have realized that serious damages on the property can threaten their private economy – and if the property is to be financed, it is a demand from the finance institution that the property is insured. However it is you who decide in which insurance company and under which conditions you wish to insure your property.


Fire insurance for the building:

Fire insurance for the building covers in case of fire, and the definition of fire is blazing fire, flames. It doesn’t matter whether the fire was caused by short circuit, unintentional use of open fire or others. Expenses to the fire department and damages caused by water while extinguishing the fire are covered.

Also re-establishing of garden and re-housing. Further expenses for rescuing and storage of contents and removal expenses.

The rest of the House insurance:

  • Storm damage – like in Denmark : Over a certain strength!

  • Damage by burglary, damages on a broken door or dismantled grating / lattice.

  • Glass & Basin insurance.

  • Insurance on damaged pipes – visible pipes as well as hidden pipes.

  • 3rd Party for home owner, covers responsibility of compensation as a home owner.

  • Other and sudden damage.

This is how the compensation is calculated:

Today a property, as a principal rule, is insured after the principle of full and replacement value : The damaged is repaired or re-built, so that the property appears as it was before the damage.

The compensation can be reduced if the property is badly maintained, and if the bad maintenance is the cause of the damage, you can loose the right to compensation.


We photograph your property, when you take out the insurance, so that later there is no doubt whether there were existing damages or not.

This service from AssurandorGruppen is at no cost to you.


 - We wish to deal you “the best hand” before any potential damage !!!

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