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Business insurance:

A business insurance covers all the contents of the business; stock, machines, inventory, etc. The cover is on the address of the business, but can be extended to cover items, belonging to the business, which have been placed in a different location temporarily.


The insurance consists of several different covers. We advise you always to choose cover against fire, theft and water damage. However as all businesses are different, it is important to put together exactly the cover that is needed. 

Here are some examples of various covers, which could be advantageous for your business insurance:



A fire insurance covers for damages on business contents, when the damage arises as a result of fire, explosion or lightning.



The insurance covers damage caused by burglary, open theft or robbery.



The insurance covers damage caused by an outflow of water, oil or coolant.


Operating loss:

The operating loss insurance covers the loss that can occur as a result of a decrease in turnover after a damage.

Operating loss insurance can be done with a cover period from 3 months to 24 months.

To avoid “key” employees leaving the business after a damage, this insurance can also be extended to cover salaries fully or partially.


Electric damage cover:

The business insurance can be extended to cover electrical and electronic instruments, components and cables, belonging to the running of the business.


Portable tele, measuring & it-equipment:

Can also be covered under this insurance, also when it is transported and used outside the business.


Theft from workplace:

Compensation for theft of tools and materials from a locked building, workmen’s hut or container on workplaces.


Other sudden damage – All Risk cover:

Compensation for all physical damages that suddenly and unforeseen arise, ie. vandalism.


Outdoor production equipment:

This insurance module covers production equipment fixed onto the building, by ie. theft, vandalism, collision or storm damage.


Cold storage and freeze module:

Here your freezer / cold storage room inside the building is covered; also covered is damage on food in the freezer / cold storage room.


Transport insurance:

Compensation by theft or damage of collections, stock, tools and exhibition material belonging to the business during transport.


Glass and basin insurance:

Compensation by breakage of glass case, windows, toilets, wash basins, etc.


Signs and façade cover:

Compensation by damage of signs, sign posters, façades, etc.


Open theft and robbery:

Covers cash, cheques, securities, etc.


Cash money during transport:

Covers the employee or yourself, when you go to the bank with larger amounts.


Cash money in safe / classified safe:

Compensation by theft of cash, cheques, securities, etc. situated in an approved safe.



This page does not give you all the information about business insurance.

However, it gives you an idea of the many possibilities there are to tailor make exactly the cover you and your business might need.

Insurance can be complicated, and it can be difficult to get a general view, but call us and we can answer your questions and give you the assistance you might need.

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